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Meet the story of Éva and her 12-year old son, Levi

Levi is living with autism. He presently lives in a specialized institution at Gyöngyös, but can stay there only until he turns 16.
His mother, Éva, and her sister, Ildikó therefore decided to build a facility where Levi and other people who cope with the same condition can live after they reach adulthood.
However, the construction of such a facility requires enormous financial resources, and thus any donations are a great help for us.

Please, support the project! Help us so that we be able to help, too!

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The Home

Our boarding home is aimed at mentally handicapped people at least 16 years old, who are no longer required by the law to attend formal schooling. Our home is ready to accept autist or mentally handicapped people who are quite independent in many areas of life, as well as ones who require more support and help.
We wish to establish our home in the form of supported housing in terms of the applicable law.

We plan for a small group of 12 people, so that we be able to dedicate the greatest possible attention to their specific needs.
We find privacy an extremely important aspect, thus we plan to provide single rooms. We shall design how the individual rooms will be furnished in cooperation with the specific occupants and their families prior to the commencement of the individual’s stay with us, so that it reflect the personality and taste of the occupant as far as possible.
Our home shall be designed to provide a safe, protected environment for the occupants, with clear, large spaces, as well as rooms where they can spend time together attending programs.
When designing the rooms, we have considered both spatial and visual accessibility as key principles.
The garden shall be equipped in a way that in addition to preserving our grove of mature trees, it should offer occupants the opportunity to rest and have fun under ideal circumstances.



Our home is ready to accept autist or mentally handicapped people who are quite independent in many areas of life, as well as ones who require more support and help. We expect applications from people affected by the following syndromes:


Autizmus - Pader Willi


Prader Willi syndrome

Asperger syndrome

Angelman syndrome

Down syndrome

Other mental handicaps


We plan to build up our service portfolio parallel to the construction of the building. The portfolio shall include the following:

  • Social services provided by the daycare development center to patients representing the age groups from kindergarten to adulthood
  • Development exercises for mentally handicapped occupants
  • A system of healthcare services for mentally handicapped occupants
  • Leisure-time activities and social integration programs for occupants
  • Trainings
  • Counselling


About us

“Patrónus Ház” Non-profit LLC was established in December 2016 as a result of a family member of the founder being personally affected, with the purpose of building a home providing supported housing for young adults (ages 16+) affected by autism or other mental handicaps, as well as a development center in a separate building dedicated to development of affected individuals from the early kindergarten years through young adulthood, while providing the necessary services and development to the occupants of the home, too.
Our additional goal is to put extra emphasis on the training and social integration of the autistic or mentally handicapped occupants in the community of the neighborhood.
We are to support and help the affected parents by education and practical guidance.
Our objective is also to organize programs and leisure activities for the people living in the neighborhood and the local stakeholders.
Our vision is to create a permanent boarding home and development center for the affected families that can serve as an example even in international comparison.
Founding members of “Patrónus Ház” non-profit LLC:

  • Éva Somorjai
  • Ildikó Németh

Supervisory Board members:

  • Réka Tóth
  • Katalin Szomolányi






Patrónus Ház Non-profit LLC
Seat: 2100 Gödöllő, Zarándok u. 5.
Boarding home: 2100 Gödöllő, Rét u. 42.
Phone: +36 30 361 0953